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Original UK Punk Band The Boys, Seventies Punk, 70s Punk
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Band members


Matt Dangerfield: guitar/vocals

Casino Steel: organ/piano/vocals

Honest John Plain: guitar/vocals

Kid Reid: bass/vocals (1976-81 & 1999-2011)
Jack Black: drums (1976 -1982)

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  • "Punk Rock Menopause", the new Boys album out on 20 June details
  • The Boys are to play a 9-date German tour in May details
  • THE BOYS & ALTERNATIVE CHARTBUSTERS Special Edition Deluxe reissues on Fire Records digitally remastered with bonus CD including previously unreleased demos out on 3 June details
  • Interview with The Boys singer/guitarist Matt Dangerfield details
  • The Boys next gig is on Thursday 16 May in Chicago details

More info from THE BOYS WEBSITE


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Along with the Sex Pistols, Clash and the Damned, The Boys were part of the first wave of the mid-1970’s UK punk explosion. Armed with an arsenal of killer Steel/
Dangerfield songs The Boys became the first UK punk band to sign an album deal in January 1977. As Last FM puts it:

“The Boys made arguably one of the best LPs of the 70s with their self-titled first album and provided the template for superior Pop Punk before even the Buzzcocks had got out of first gear”.

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Forthcoming gigs

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Contact The Boys

Steve Metcalfe

Contact The Boys:
Skype Steve:
The official homepage:
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Brickfield Nights


You Better Move On

Brickfield Nights 2010

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